About Me

Pe-ta is my online journal where I document the goings on of my life as well as the healthy(ish) recipes I create in my little kitchen.


I chose the name Pe-ta for my blog as this is how my name is pronounced. 🙂

I follow a predominantly plant based diet for health reasons, when I was twenty three I discovered various tumours in my body as well as a large one in my neck which had to be removed, (hence the scar you may well see in some of my photos!). Growing up I was always quite unwell, with constant stomach problems and a very poor immune system. One day I came across the benefits of following a vegan diet and even though I had always found the idea of a vegan diet a very strange lifestyle I could never sign up for, I decided it was worth a go. Within two weeks I saw huge changes in my body. The tumours were decreasing in size, I was no longer vomiting on a daily basis and I had more energy than ever. You can read more about my journey here.

What may work for me may not work for others, every one is different. I have found that both dairy and refined sugar make me very poorly. I eat eggs or fish about regularly to top up my B12 levels in a natural way. I use a lot of honey in my recipes which I know is not vegan however this can be substituted with a plant based syrup. I have recently began adding meat to my diet once a week as removing meat completely from my diet was affecting my hormones and skin.


Who am I?

I’m a tea drinking, soul searching, kind hearted mid-(heading into late) twenty-something who adores documenting her life. I love to discover new places, people, quotes, food, songs and ideas. I am loud and forever overflowing with energy. I have three cats and live alone, which on most peoples terms makes me a cat lady, a crazy one at that.

I’m caring, impatient and wear my heart on my sleeve. I always look for the good in everyone and will try to find a positive in any situation. I am a yoga doing, plant based eating lover of meditation which probably makes me a hippy. I cram as much as I can into my day and have to-do lists dotted all over my flat. I believe in the law of attraction, in vision boards and goals.


I wake up early and go to bed late, I love to plan and once I have an idea in my head I won’t stop until I achieve it. I over think and at times (always) let my emotions get the better of me. I follow my heart and rarely listen to my mind. I giggle at the most mundane things, I have a slight fascination with socks and stationary. I love vintage teacups and tupper wear. My favourite food is honey, my favourite colour is yellow and I am hyperflexible. I am random and strange, I stamp my feet when I laugh and if I find something terribly funny I snort. I am ticklish behind my knees (a secret many would kill to know), I do the splits when drunk and my favourite film is Elf. I absolutely love Christmas, a starry sky and the sea.

I become obsessed with certain foods and songs and will have them on repeat every day.  I’m the girl who makes tea when times are tough, the friend that is always there no matter what and the person who will do anything to make you smile when you least feel like it.

I am me🙂

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